HiH Quidditch Mods (quidditchmod) wrote in hh_quidditch,
HiH Quidditch Mods

Fan Activity 6 :: Autograph Collecting Reminder



Hello All You Quidditch Fans!

Just a quick reminder that the 23 autographed items are still lost in the Quidditch community and need to be found by more members before the deadline of Sunday 31st January @6pm UTC.

More Information Here

Come out and Participate!

Steph & Michael
Tags: reminder: fan activity
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Hi :D I was just wondering if we need to find all 23 for participation points, or if 22/23 would cut it >_> TY!
i already told you this.. lol
WELP. I left this comment before then, lol

I was stamped Hermione, after all. >_>
I haz question.. totally not related to the fan activity..

where do we sign up to play on our quidditch team?? the old post was written by the previous mod and her account and I wasn't sure if you guys were going to make a new post so that you would be alerted if someone wanted to apply.. so I thought I'd ask first :-/
I'll be throwing together one after we get some stuff approved (hopefully monday), so keep an eye out for it. :)
YAY!!!! I can't wait :) I think I might play this term after all hahahahahahaha <3