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To join the Fan Club reply as a comment to this post with the following application:

You will receive bonus points for the following items:
+ A Krum Bobble-Head +5 points
+ House Coloured Pom-Poms +5 points

Remember - you must be on the roster to receive points!
If you suggest an activity and we use it, you will get an extra 5 points if you participate in that activity :)

Adrienne (x_____starlight) +10
Alex (gryffinwhore) +10
Alex (alex_parker)
Am (cxrdevil) +10
Angela (sevensecondshow) +10
Ashley (hiraeth) +10
Bess (sylvir) +10
Beth (prongsy) +10
Candice (cyyt)
Crystal (hope_guides_me) +5
Destiny (destinyfroste) +10
Emily (etacanis
Emma (emmz13)
Emma (orpheus) +5
Emy (stoopid_silly)
Gabbi (epalpie) +5
Jennifer (nanerbear) +10
Jess (rhye) +10
Kaela (kaelakaelakaela) +10
Katie (kaysoul) +10
Katie (katie599)
Kelly (cheapxdate) +5
Kerri (klef)
Kerry (bowling_monkey) +5
Kimberly (kimberry531) +5
Laura (withviolets)
Lilith (caligari) +10
Lisa (x_amadare) +5
Liz (erzsebet) +10
Melissa (my_badgers_27) +5
Meghan (goddess_of_ice) +10
Nic (nicccc)
Olivia (los_york) +10
Roxie (lucky397) +5
Savannah (savaburry) +10
Silver (silvertigerx)
Tasha (kilobites)
Zoraida (ocreatus)

Aimee (amethysth)
Aimee (nowitsrushmore)
Bootsy (bootsy_mine)
Bryony (vitallani)
Claire (clzair) +5
Fairy (scarletladyy) +10
Jenn (somewhatgolden) +5
Jess (redhairedflame) +10
Jez (jezzifishie) +10
Katey (katelynelaine)
Katie (sweetnessarose) +10
Kelly (tunnels_of_loce) +10
Kristine (flipflop_diva)
Lauren (laurenpuppetpal) +5
Lexy (lexy_malfoy)
Mandy (mandyloo) +10
Maya (ppyajunebug)
Nicole (nicolle_016)
Olga (end1essly) +10
Ryan (classical_wolf) +5
Sonja (caesaria) +10
Steph (alwaysawkward) +10
Summer (singlemomsummer) +5
Wendy (alice_brune) +10

Alice (madlybewildered) +10
Amie (starryeyedstara) +10
Ashley (uranoxymoron) +10
Beth (thedreamisreal) +5
Caitlin (fvck)
Curtis (musikurt) +10
Dani (hikari_ishtar)
Denise (awry) +10
Elaine (accountingwitch)
Elliot (elliot_b1176)
Emily (emilyia) +10
Iris (pierhias) +10
Juliette (_jc_icons_)
Kaitlin (ed1nburgh) +10
Kimberly (et_tu_lj) +10
Kit (kitrinlu
Kristin (kitty0_o) +10
Laura (larbasaur)
Lena (wingsofcaffeine)
Mary (senbonzakura77) +10
Mia (caketime) +10
Miranda (lucentvictroia)
Nadia (pointblankdarcy) +10
Nadine (gringotts) +5
Noelia (sickle_girl) +10
Peyton (peyton07) +10
Rachel (rideinthelimo) +10
Rae (raenbow)
Sas (theaeblackthorn) +10
Shannon (sanalith) +10
Suma (squirticulate) +10
Susannah (fragilemacabre) +5
TC (tagalongcookies) +10

Annalisa (willfully) +10
Asher (plasticrocket) +10
Bryony (vitallani) +5
Cayenne (to_gild_a_lily) +10
Elisabeth (trickery) +10
Eve (supremacy_born) +10
Gerry (omfgerbear) +5
Heather (_shaomao_) +10
Kat (readmeanything)
Madelyn (marchenland) +10
Nathan (nathaniel_hp) +5
Ruth (rvillarrubia) +10
Alethia (caretta)
Veeka (quiescent) +10
William (mmailliw) +10

Credit for our lovely banners goes to Jess (rhye) of Gryffindor.
Credit for our amazing Krum Bobble-Head goes to Alex (gryffinwhore) of Gryffindor.

Last Roster Update: 30 October 2010
Tags: roster: fan club

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