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Quidditch Rules/Regulations:

(1) Positions and duties
a. Coach(es) referee the whole game. The game SHOULD run smoothly provided all players understand the rules, but the coaches step in when there are problems or misunderstandings. Coaches also keep an eye out for foul play, announce the change in possession of the Quaffle and are in charge of tallying the points earned. Coaches moderate quidditchques, and allow Beaters and Keepers in that community prior to the game to choose their questions. Coaches also provide the Seeker's scavenger hunt, and have the right to award up to 25 points for a player/team who goes beyond the call of duty at any point during the game.
b. The Seeker (One) is provided with a scavenger hunt at the beginning of the game (for an example hunt, see here). Upon FULL completion of the hunt, the Seeker will post their results to the game post -- while the coaches are checking the answers, the game continues. If all the answers are correct, the Seeker has, in effect, caught the snitch, and the game is over. If there are some incorrect answers or revisions needed, the Seeker continues his/her search while game play continues.
c. The Beaters (Two) initially choose 50 questions from qudditchques. It is the responsibility of the Beaters to keep track of the question they asked and say whether or not the opposing team's Chaser answered it correctly. IF the answer is correct, respond saying so, so the next question can be asked. If it is incorrect, state so and state the correct answer (example: Incorrect, correct answer: Bunny is Queen). You have 2 minutes to post a new question, after that 5 points will be deducted from your team.
d. The Keeper (One) chooses 10 questions from quidditchques. After both beaters have asked their questions, providing possession of the Quaffle has not changed, the Keeper asks their question. AGAIN, it is the Keeper's responsibility to respond and determine whether the answer is correct or not!
e. The Chasers (Three) are responsible for answering the questions of the opposing team's Beaters and Keeper. Normally, you would have all 3 Chasers available to take turns in answering all 3 questions -- if not, either of the Chasers may answer the Keeper's question. If this is the case, feel free to alternate for each series so the 2nd Beater doesn't always have to answer an extra question. You have 4 minutes to answer a question, after which (or if you answer incorrectly), the possession of the Quaffle changes. You ARE allowed outside sources! :D

(2) Question Choosing Process
15 minutes prior to game start, one or both of the coaches will allow the Beaters and Keepers access to quidditchques, where the Keeper will choose 10 questions and the Beaters will choose 50. The list of questions is created by HiH's wonderful officials.

(3) Absences/Teammates Leaving
a. If you let both the coaches AND the captain know of your absence at LEAST one week before the game, the captain is allowed to recruit (from a set application which will be posted later) a substitute, if he or she wishes, from their house common room. The captain will show the coaches the application (don't worry, the comments will be screened), but ultimately the decision will be theirs to make. IF the player doesn't let the captain/coaches know at LEAST one week before hand, then the captain is NOT allowed to recruit a substitute, but may re-arrange their team according to where positions are most needed.
b. If you miss a game, and do not inform your captain and the coaches 24 hours in advance, your team will begin at a 10 point deficit. This penalty will increase if absences of this kind are frequent. IN such a case, the Captain will be given 5 minutes at the beginning of the game to re-arrange his or her players into different positions, if necessary.
c. If a player is late, we will allow them to participate at an appropriate break in play (for example, when the "Quaffle" switches possession.)
d. If a player needs to leave the game early, the captain will be given 5 minutes to re-arrange his or her players as necessary (this should be done in the team's locker room rather than on the game post)

(4) The Game Process
a. The coaches will provide the Seekers with the scavenger hunt, and asks ALL Chasers a tossup question. Any Chasers are allowed to answer, and whichever team answers first (and correctly) earns possession of the Quaffle.
b. Beaters ask 2 questions, Keeper asks one. Beater questions are worth 5 points, Keeper questions worth 20. Chasers alternate in answering questions (if only two are available, the Chaser who answers the 2nd Beater also answers the Keeper). Beaters and Keepers are responsible for responding with whether the answer is correct or not so the game can continue. Beaters and the Keeper are NOT allowed to rephrase the questions from quidditchques unless rephrasing is approved by the coaches. Chasers have 4 minutes to answer, Beaters and the Keeper have 2 minutes to post a new question (if the previous answer was correct).
c. Coaches declare a switch in possession of the Quaffle, and the process continues again.
d. Once the Seeker RETURNS with a fully-answered hunt, game play CONTINUES. They may have questions wrong, and the other Seeker may return with all correct answers before there's time to correct it. SO CONTINUE GAME PLAY while the coaches check the answers. If all answers are correct, the game is called by the coaches and points are tallied!
e. Game play may not exceed 3 hours, at the discretion of the Coaches (it can go either way here depending on start time, but you'll be warned in advance of the game ending). At this point, the Seeker with the most correct answer earns their team 75 points, and the points already earned are tallied up to produce a game-winner.

(5) Communication
a. We encourage team members to test each other, especially the Chasers and Seekers, in their locker room leading up to the game day. We've found it's really helped in game successes.
b. Prior to the game, teams SHOULD have arranged which order the Beaters and Chasers will take in asking/answering questions. We don't want one Chaser answering all the questions, and we don't want two Beaters asking questions simultaneously.
c. AIM/MSN conversations are strictly forbidden, except in cases where it is ONLY among the team's Chasers, and only if both teams are able to have those chats -- Coach approval is NECESSARY. Failure to abide by this rule results in 20 point deduction from your team.

The HiH officials and members of hh_quidditch are currently suggesting revisions/additions, any of these will be added ASAP. This particular post is PUBLIC so new Quidditch applicants have a chance to review the rules and the expectations of the positions when applying.
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