HiH Quidditch Mods (quidditchmod) wrote in hh_quidditch,
HiH Quidditch Mods

House Cup Roster; Term XVI

Okay everyone, here are your starting teams for TERM XVI! You'll notice a couple teams are not full. It's not too late to sign up for your house, no matter which house that may be. Just go here to schedule a time for your trial. :)

Yes, these are from Google Docs. Didn't feel like messing with a giant table of HTML goodness right now. For bonus items, I included those I could find on the rosters from last term. Any changes or additions, please comment with what has changed and a link to your Vault on the system. :)

CHASERS: If you'd like to know how you did on your trial, comment and we'll send you a PM with your scoring.
BEATERS AND KEEPERS: We will handle the questions you submitted. DO NOT DO STUFF WITH THEM PLZKTHANKS
SEEKERS: If you're curious what your times were, comment and we'll send you a PM. :)
ALTERNATES: You all did great, so please don't take it too personally if you aren't on the main team. You're just as important and lovely. <3
Tags: term: xvi

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