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Official Game Post

Have no fear! This is Jacquie, but now I'm just going to update from my official Coach journal for the games. :D

The time is here! Quidditch season has begun. FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON, TONIGHT!

Slytherin VS. Gryffindor

It shall be a good one!

Stay tuned for updates.

EDIT #1: Sooo sorry for the delay! First game of the season and all, new players, players not showing up, lots and lots of confusion. Hopefully it's all on track now! All Beaters and Keepers, please join quidditchques if needed.

Here's the Seeker's Scavenger Hunt. Good luck!

1. Find members of HiH who have in their user info or interests that they are democrat or republican, and find two members of each house that has this. (There should 16 users total, then)

2. Find 5 items for EACH HOUSE that has the house’s color scheme, and screen cap these items. None of them may be clothing. (20 images total)

3. Write me an essay of 300 words explaining how Harry Potter can relate to the recent happenings of Hurricane Katrina

4. Ever heard of the game that says that all people are connected by no more than 7 degrees of separation? Play this game for me, with HP characters.

Example: Harry Potter is friends with Hermione Granger (first degree)
Harry Potter is the godson of Sirius Black, who is the cousin of Tonks. (Shows how Harry and Tonks are related - second degree)

Make up your own, starting with one degree and working your way to seven. You may not use family members as a degree, either. “Harry is the son of James” would not work.

5. List 20 things that you think will realistically happen in Book 7

6. Find me some fanfics, please! Oh, and drawings of each, too. Let’s see… Neville/Pansy, Remus/Peter, Dumbledore/McGonagall, Filch/Mrs. Norris, Hagrid/Harry, and Dean/Ginny

7. Tell me 10 names that come from Greek Mythology and 10 that come from Roman Mythology in the HP books. Give me the name of the HP character and the Mythological character that it refers to.

8. 10 links to any of the HP books on sale, all in a different language (the books, that is. And no English!).

And here's the Chaser Question for Control of the Quaffle: What exactly is Draco's Detour?
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