December 28th, 2009

Term XVI Quidditch Trials


We have decided to hold try-outs for the quidditch team next term. If you would like to be on the team, please fill in the following forms. We trials shall start from the 1st and shall finish on the 13th - so sign-up ASAP to arrange convenient times. You may trial for more than one position.

3X BEATERS/KEEPERS: To trial for this position you must fill in the following form and submit 10 questions for scrutiny:

1X SEEKERS: To trial for this position, fill in the following form and we shall arrange a time convenient for you and either myself or Liz easles who shall give you a number of seeker tasks to complete. This shall be done via AIM if possible, for more accurate timings.

3X CHASERS: To trial for this position you shall answer live questions, in specially created chaser trial posts, based on times convenient for you.

10X ALTERNATES: Everyone who did not make the main team. You cannot sign up to be an alternate without trying out for a core team position.
3X ROOKIES: These are three additional alternate spots on the team (1 seeker, 1 chaser, 1 beater/keeper), only available to those who have never played before.

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